Adventure is knocking on your door! With Finches you receive an invitation every 2 months from a historical naturalist to go on an expedition at a local park. You and your family are assistant researchers out to explore, discover and record the wonders of nature in your area. Every 2 months you will receive in the mail a parcel with documents, maps, and tools to hunt down a hidden Research Kit in a park local to you. Find the hidden Reasearch Kit,  do the activites, and document them in your own nature journal. Your subscription is for 6 expeditions, 1 delivered every other month. You will meet famous naturalists like Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson, Hans Sloan and more!

Finches Expedition Subscription

  • Finches is limited only to the San Francisco Bay Area. Before purchasing you must submit your mailing zip code for an invitation to join Finches. You will receive an email within 24 hours with your approval and invitation.