Keeping kids

Naturally Curious

Seek OUT! is a nature adventure game that will get your family unplugged and outdoors.

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Seek OUT! is LIVE on Kickstarter. You can back the campaign and pick your reward with the earliest games available. You'll receive the greatest discount below the game's retail price. So pledge now. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, this is "All or Nothing". If the game is not fully funded then backers are not charged.


  • From 1 - 6 players

  • Ages 4-100

  • As quick as 15 minutes

  • Stretch it out for hours

  • In the yard, on the trail, on the go


Scientists and parents agree that playing outdoors makes healthier, stronger, smarter kids.


We provide basic rules, but the excitement is all the different ways you can play. Along with the fun, this game enables curiosity and learning. 


Kids connected to nature will grow up conserving

and protecting nature.

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