Adventure is knocking....

You are on Expedition with your family to learn about nature. 

When you realize that you and your family have been plugged in, zoned out, and cooped up all day...  

Finches invites you outdoors on adventures in the real world.

You receive an invitation from a historical naturalist to go on an Expedition at a local park (within 10 miles of your home). You and your family are out to explore, discover and record the wonders of nature in your area.


In the mail your family receives a parcel with documents, maps, and tools to hunt down a hidden Research Kit in a local park. Find the hidden Research Kit,  do the activities, and document them in your Finches nature journal together. Meet famous naturalists like Charles Darwin and Rachel Carson along the way and see how they studied nature.

Great for ages 7-12 and parents.

$46 per Expedition

$240 for 6 Expeditions

$400 for 12 Expeditions

Note: Finches is currently a limited release only in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Choose between a subscription plan or  adventure packages




By snail mail you will receive a journal, map, and tools to prepare for your expedition.




Find hidden Research Kits in local parks filled with nature activities.

What your family gets

  • Hidden research kits to find in parks local to you

  • Tools to find the hidden kits

  • Science and Art activities to do in the parks

  • STEAM activities designed for scientific study of the environment 

  • Techniques in hand written and hand drawn documentation

  • Information on historical naturalists

  • A fun day with your family in a park, perfect for kids ages 7-12

  • New expeditions ship on the 15th of every other month. You will receive 1 every 2 months.